Better Promotional

The Custom BTO is perfect for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, weddings, retirement parties, fraternities/sororities, and for premium promotional events. It's so simple! Purchase a BTO Cooler Package and click the link below to order your custom transfer stickers from Sticker Mule.

Sticker Mule's transfer stickers offer never before seen quality with record turnaround at unbeatable prices. Send them your design and they'll produce them in 4 days or less at prices the competition won't dare to match (Best Custom Size for BTO Cooler is 3" x 3").

(Above example used 4" x 4" transfer sticker)


(Above example used 3" x 3" transfer sticker)

"The combination of the BTO Cooler and the customization of Sticker Mule is what we used for our wedding party favors, and it was a hit!"

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